Second Thoughts: “Gravity” in IMAX

Since my inaugural review of Gravity last week, everything I’ve read or heard about the movie has encouraged me to see it on the largest screen I could find. Even though I’d seen it at the local Cinemark in 3-D, I decided to drive over to the Regal Cinema in Lacey and catch it on the IMAX screen there.

Here are a number of things I noticed on my second viewing…

1.) I finally noticed that the tagline Warner Bros. has been selling Gravity with is ‘Don’t Let Go.’ Which is pretty ironic considering that the entire film is one big metaphor for doing the exact opposite of that.

2.) IMAX screens are awfully big. You probably knew that already. I guess I forgot that IMAX also means WAY TOO GODDAMN LOUD. Oh, and it spends the first five minutes in hyping you up by reminding you that you’re in an IMAX theater, only to show you five trailers – in a row – with the reminder: ‘The Following Trailer Has NOT Been Mastered for IMAX and Is NOT the IMAX Experience.’

3.) I tried to keep track of the number of shots and their length this time round. I lost track something like 22 shots in, but I was able to confirm this much. The first shot of the film is 12 minutes long. Its second is six.

For whatever it’s worth, I do think IMAX makes the 3-D more immersive, but I honestly think you’re fine seeing it in whatever mode you’d prefer. The achievements are still awe-inspiring. And I still got a lump in my throat.


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